ECOSigns - Our Vision

Our Vision

Eco Signs are the leading Sign company within the South West and are committed to continued growth and development for the benefit of the company, its Customers and Staff. We provide our Customers with a flexible high quality service, which conforms to their specifications and is completed on time within budget.

We place a high value on your business so we come to the table with no preconceptions that might constrain your scope or objectives. Instead, right from the outset, we work as close partners with you, building trust
and rapport in a way that encourages open communication and creative thinking.

Our specialists start by carefully listening to your needs and getting to know your business. And from there, they use the knowledge they have gained from you to offer new insights and ideas that will help bring your signage projects to stunning life.

It’s all done with one goal. To provide you with a flexible, sure-handed and cost-efficient service fully tuned to your specifications, timelines and budget. Moreover, because we firmly believe that
our professionalism is reflected in our finished product, you can be confident that we will give our
fullest commitment to our partnership with you.

All the above is achieved by our commitment to continual improvement by investing in our staff and our resources. To achieve this mission we have established certain values. These values set out commitment to the quality of our service and the safety of all our staff. We aim to provide a working environment which encourages adaptability, communication and openness.

We also aim for continuous improvement through increased employee involvement and a positive attitude to challenges and innovation. All this is achieved with the Customer in mind since it is only by truly serving our customers that we can achieve our mission and secure our future as a successful business. Our staff are important members of the team of people whose work and enthusiasm make this Company a success. By working together we can continue this success and build upon it.


Phil Thompson & Jon Pennycott

Group Managing Directors



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Recent Projects

The Junction - Slough

The Junction - Slough

This project required transforming a large scaffolding section into an aesthetically pleasing sales and marketing entrance feature.

Axis - Banbury

Axis - Banbury

The signage solutions on this project were extensive, covering 540 metres of hoarding.